2013 McLaren MP4-12C….SOLD


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Volcano Orange/ Black with orange stitching

ONLY 800 Miles!

Factory Options Include:

  • Volcano Orange Elite Paint

  • Lightweight Forged Wheels in Silver

  • Silver Calipers

  • Contrast Stitching on Dashboard, Seats,  & Steering Wheel

  • MSO Exhaust Finish in Stealth

This is a privately owned by a retired gentleman. It has never been driven in the rain or even had a passenger in the seat. The car was detailed meticulously after taking delivery, and has only been “wiped down” with a micro fiber cloth since the detail. Absolutely flawless and looks nicer than the day he took delivery.

Read more below about the NEW changes for the 2013 MP4!

The suite of upgrades to the McLaren MP4-12C specification from October 2012 includes enhancements to the 12C’s engine and transmission, in addition to other functional attributes.

A focus on drivetrain development has given McLaren Automotive’s engineers the opportunity to increase the McLaren MP4-12C’s 3.8-litre twin turbo V8 output from 600PS (592hp) to 625PS (616hp). The redesigned engine mapping has not altered the remarkable efficiency of the M838T engine, with 12C CO2 emissions remaining at just 279 g/km, and fuel economy recorded on the EU combined cycle at 24.2 mpg (11.7 l/100km).

Modification of the 7-Speed SSG transmission to which the McLaren MP4-12C’s high-powered engine is mated has resulted in crisper throttle response and improved clutch control for gear changes that are both faster and smoother.

The McLaren MP4-12C features an innovative Intake Sound Generator (ISG). This system works by controlling engine intake noise within the cabin at differing levels, depending on the Powertrain mode selected for the car.  Moving up through Normal, Sport and Track Powertrain modes enhances the aural drama and driving experience of the 12C, with engine noise in the cabin changing when throttle power is applied and revs increase. With the 2013 specification 12C, the driver will be able to select the level of engine noise delivered in each mode through an electronic menu accessible via the instrument cluster.

Improved usability and occupant comfort:

A new door entry system is a feature of the new MP4-12C. A small button mounted on each door replaces the 12C’s touch sensor system. In line with customer feedback, this modification is intended to simplify the user experience. The ability to unlatch each door using the 12C key fob will be retained.

To improve safety, an enhancement will be made to the headlight activation settings of the McLaren MP4-12C. With the ‘AUTO-lights’ mode selected, the 12C’s headlights will be automatically switched on when rain is detected by the windshield-mounted rain sensor.

The McLaren MP4-12C’s Climate Control System will be modified exclusively for 2013 models. In addition to the standard ‘AUTO’ function of the system; new cars will be supplied with systems inclusive of ‘AUTO LO’ functionality. This new setting enables the desired cabin temperature to be reached in the quietest way possible, using lower fan speeds.

ATTN.   MP4 Owners

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