While I cannot recall how I originally heard about Brian, I can tell you that it was one of the best finds of my being the car guy that I am. Brian is the rare needle in the haystack. In an industry filled with lies, deception, games and overall dishonesty, Brian is not only fully knowledgeable and respected nationwide, but I have found him to be Mr. Honesty and Integrity, and a man who truly cares about his clients and their best interests when searching to buy a high end exotic car.

    I have bought and sold luxury cars through Brian on multiple occasions, and never with a hitch of any kind. I have referred him to friends and family and they have thanked me for the unexpected ease and wonderful experience in dealing with him. I am a lawyer and a born skeptic by nature. Admittedly, I am  not a trusting person by nature and I thoroughly check out everybody in any transaction.

    Let me save you considerable time, money and aggravation that inevitably happens when people deal with most brokers. Brian is the real deal-and you won’t do better elsewhere. He has talked me out of cars I wanted to buy on impulse because they were the wrong fit for me or the price was too high. I have eventually, through him, gotten the right car and I have thanked him. He has found cars for me through his network of contacts, that nobody else could locate. I value his advise and he has always steered me in the right direction. When it comes to a decision about exotic cars, Brian is much cheaper than a psychiatrist, and gives much better advise.



I was a first time Ferrari buyer and was unaware of the do’s and don’ts of purchasing an exotic car of this caliber. Brian’s knowledge helped me select the right car at the right price. Brokers pressured to put me in an available Ferrari that wasn’t quite what I wanted. Brian not only dissuaded me from getting a car I would not have liked, he found me the exact car I wanted and it was located within just a few miles of where I live! Coincidence?….I think not!

Thanks Brian,


I’ve just completed my third purchase with Brian. Over the years I’ve dealt with him, he has been consistently available, reliable, and always expert on the cars he represents. The transactions have been smooth and easy, thanks to his knowledgeable handling

Thanks Brian!



Well, to say I’m a happy customer would be an understatement. After a day of familiarizing myself with this gorgeous monster, I took the Lambo out today at dawn on the back roads of Long Island’s north shore and on its nearly-empty expressways. The car performed flawlessly. It made meandering roads smooth and dreamlike and shortened the straights. On the empty highway at speed (mostly between 100 and 140 but I reached an indicated 150 once or twice in that tall 5th gear—top down, windows up—and it clearly had plenty more in it to spare), it was stable, safe and predictable. This is a great car, well beyond any of my expectations. I’d be very happy to be a reference for you and your company.



 It’s all too often that we hear negative comments about car dealerships and salesmen. I just wanted to take my hat/bandanna off to Brian from Exotic Car Search. I highly recommend his services to all my friends and LP brothers. He is extremely professional, goes the extra mile, and is committed to do whatever it takes to keep his customers happy (if you are the buyer or seller).
I didn’t want this to slip by, KUDOS to Brian



I was referred to Brian at Exotic Car Search by a friend would had recently successfully purchased a vehicle through him. He spoke very highly of him and candidly Brian met and exceeded my expectations. He is extremely knowledgeable how to market and price cars for sale. He screened all the lookey loos and only brought qualified buyers to the table, he handled all aspects of the negotiation and I ended up with a selling price I am happy with. I would highly recommend Brian, he made the sale painless.



Just sold my Ferrari California with Brian, and I could not have anticipated a better transaction. We sold my Ferrari without doing any formal advertising, subsequently, I followed his guidance on what was necessary to move the car, and it worked out perfectly. He’s been in this industry (car scene/brokering) for a very long time, and only Brian can broker a car in California while being in another state. The best Broker hands down I have ever dealt with. Prepared all the paperwork for me, built trust with the client (myself and the buyer) and both parties are very happy. Did I mention I got HIGH retail value? Meanwhile we had offers 10-15% less, Brian was certain what we can sell for, and we did it. Even more satisfied that I can move on to another car now. Thank you Brian, I will be exclusively using you for all my exotic cars.



I worked with Brian to purchase my dream car.  He was completely forthcoming and the transaction was flawless.  It went so well I have referred friends to him who also had flawless experiences.  He covered everything and was thorough.  I will certainly work with him again.



I was nervous about trying to sell my high miles Lamborghini but Brian negotiated all the potential buyers and found me someone who was serious and motivated to buy. Brian is to the point, honest and very easy to deal with and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone thinking of buying and selling. In the murky world of exotic car resale Brian is 100% transparent.