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My name is Brian Albertson. I started Exotic Car Search (ECS) in 2004 as a highline brokerage firm after working several years at an Authorized Lamborghini franchised dealer. 2023 marks my 41st year of automobile experience in sales, management, finance, and purchasing. A strong personal level of mechanical and service background of exotics also allows ECS to assist you in in every way possible at a high level of efficiency. ECS is run exclusively by myself, so you are never “shuffled off” to another person.

Here are a few focal points of ECS:

1. PROTECT YOURSELF at all times from frustration, worries, deceit, & headaches. These are often part of the buying and selling process, but they don’t have to be! Let an expert broker handle your luxury & exotic car needs, just as an accountant would handle your books.

2. AVOID PURCHASING THE WRONG CAR…. A large percentage of buyers are not sure what they want in an exotic car. By listening and asking the right questions, ECS assesses each individual’s personal tastes to find the best luxury or exotic car available.

3. BUYING THE RIGHT CAR THE FIRST TIME reduces losses from reselling, taxes, and eventually buying to own what you should have bought initially.

PURCHASING A LUXURY OR EXOTIC AUTOMOBILE: Saving money while assisting clients is a key part of ECS’ services. The most crucial aspect is advising clients from poor judgement in transaction. Some of these items include title work, mileage discrepancies, and previous damage. This extends to lack of knowledge in regards to color combos, options, and service history. Among other factors, this can have a large effect not only on future resale value of the car, but also the likelihood of additional costs arising due to post-transaction issues .

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SELLING EXOTIC CARS: As we all know, there is a monetary differential between dealer car wholesale and automotive retail. Exotic Car Service’s luxury car selling services allow you to keep extra dollars in your pocket, rather than settling for a low trade (sell) value. ECS does this through many marketing sources. For those looking to make a quick sale, but are NOT satisfied with your “buy bids” from local dealers; ECS has a network of strong luxury car dealers that specialize in high-demand exotic makes and models. Some dealers pay much higher on certain cars than others, and our experience has helped us identify which ones will produce the best results.

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Brian Albertson….ECS

Here are a few photos that show the Albertson family passion: