Find Your Exotic

Whether you are looking for an exotic to fill a slot in your collection or looking for your very first exotic, we can help find the “right” car for you! Fill out the simple form below to start the search process!

Our Services to You:

• No upfront charges
• No exclusive arrangements
• “Autocheck” of the vehicle
• Locating vehicle of your interest (dealer or private ownership)
• Assist in acquiring accurate descriptions of vehicle for you.
• Mechanical
• Cosmetic
• Previous ownership
• Exact options (MSRP)
• Service history
• Books, tools, spare keys, etc.
• Digital pictures of interior and exterior and known flaws
• Price negotiation (Dealers give other dealers better pricing)
• Finance sources (lease or purchase)
• Finance guidance (lease or purchase, terms, rates)
• Current trade values
• Trade placement
• Inspections by third parties
• Problem areas for that model to look for
• Expert guidance on important options for resale
• Real values on today’s cars
• Working with reputable dealers
• Future speculation on new and previous models

* FEES- Agreed upon between 1% to 2% of purchase price (only if vehicle is purchased): $2500 minimum fee 

*Payment Due at same time car is paid for

• Early positions for new models with authorized dealers


I am extremely interested in “What is most important to you,” so please let me know your preferences. In many instances you may just know that you would like an exotic car, but unsure exactly what you may want. Since I work with all makes and models, you will not be limited to what your local dealer has “in stock.” By listening to you, we will enjoy every aspect of the “hunt”, and have your hand picked beauty delivered to your door step. Looking forward to working with you!