1997 Lamborghini Diablo Roadster…ONLY 1007 Miles (1625 Kilometers)!


Andromeda Red/ Ivory

Only 1625 Kilometers (1007 miles)

Note: US Delivery-All 97 Diablos read in kilometers


The Diablo Roadster became the most outrageous “open air” 12 cylinder Super Car ever produced with a top speed of over 200 MPH, and almost 500 horsepower directly from the factory.

1996 was the very first year for the Roadsters with worldwide production roughly 38 cars at the time. The 1997 model added a driver’s side airbag since new government safety restrictions were now in place on this low production Lambo.

The gorgeous and outrageous lines of the Roadster were improved over the regular coupe. The Roadsters have many panels that are unique to this particular Diablo upon close inspection. Side panels and skirts, front fascia, along with the rear decklid were built specifically for the Roadster. The interior of the Roadster used a higher quality leather and stitching direct from the factory.

The carbon fiber roof can be easily removed. The roof is extremely lightweight and then conveniently mounts over the engine cover to gently “snap in place”. This way you can enjoy the benefits of a convertible on those beautiful days, and return to a coupe at your own will. The top goes with you in case of uncomfortable weather changes.

This Roadster has only 1007 original miles! The Diablo has been completely serviced very recently, and all these service records are available.

This Roadster is privately owned and titled and ready for immediate delivery.

Overseas inquiries welcomed!

Call Brian at 417-300-6980 or email for more info.

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