1961 Maserati 3500 GT Vignale Spyder


Grigio Touring Silver/ Rosso Trofeo

  Engine no.   101.126

  Chassis no. 115.

  45,000 kilometers

  Call for Price

This Maserati 3500GT Vignale Spyder was special ordered for Prince Alessandro Respoli and was completed by the factory on April 11th 1961 and delivered 10 days later to the Prince. It is believed to be the first FIVE SPEED manual transmission offering. The 5 speed gearbox had just became available as an option in addition to the standard equipment 4 speed. This is a TRIPLE WEBER carbureted model and is a very rare combination with the optional 5 speed. The less desirable fuel injection models were introduced for the 1962 model. You will also notice the optional original BORANNI wire wheels on this Vignale

The Spyder is one of 242 Spyders produced from 1959 to 1964. The 1961 model is more collectible than the 59 or 1960 models as FRONT DISC brakes became standard equipment instead of four wheel drum brakes which were prone to fade. Disc brakes were a very important feature as the Vignale can reach speeds of 140 MPH. The 5 speed gearbox boosted performance by keeping the engine closer to the peak performance RPM range with no lag between shifts.

The history of this Vignale has been charted by the reknowned Walter Baumer of Germany who specializes in Maserati Research(call for offical documentation). The engine, chassis, and transmission are all ORIGINAL MATCHING components from the Maserati. A beautiful restoration was performed during Richard Powers 1999-2005 ownership.

The Vignale was truly a leader of its time with innovations and styling. The Maserati brand was dominating Ferrari and other manufactures on racing circuits before and during the production of the 3500GT series.

The Vignale is a “sleeper” in the collector world! A significant fraction of the 242 Spyders produced are “extinct”. Unlike Ferrari, who maintained worldwide sales through the 70’s and 80’s with collectors restoring their previous models, this was not the case with Maserati. This 140 MPH elegant convertible is a true statement from Maserati that they were a world leader during that era.

Don’t miss your chance to OWN and DRIVE a part of automobile history!

There was one Vignale sold at a US auction in 2015 (link below).

January 2015 RM/Sotheby’s Auction Scottsdale:

AUCTION NOTE: 4 speed manual tranny(not optional 5 speed)