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1984 Ferrari 512 BBi (Boxer)…..SOLD

Black/ Tan with  Daytona Style Tan Inserts

51,000 Miles

Vehicle History:

     This particular car was imported when nearly new to California, spending much of its life near San Francisco. It then went to the John O’Quinn collection in Houston (1995). It received a major engine out service in 2007, then went to another collector in the south who recently completed a $13,000 major at Ferrari of Atlanta. The car is extremely clean, with exceptional underhood details, and it drives wonderfully. Steering box was rebuilt, ignition now through an MSD box (Dinoplex retained for future), and has nearly new Michelins. The car shifts wonderfully with new bushings and correct centering.

   A 3 ring binder of services, plus full tools and spare, helps complement this wonderful driving car. As a very late VIN from last 6 months of Boxer production, here’s your opportunity to snag one of the final hand-finished cars ever to come from Maranello. Many feel the Boxer is the “next big thing” following it’s little brother Dino’s meteoric price rise.

Boxer History:

   The Boxer line represented a remarkable departure for Ferrari. It was the successor to the comparatively conventional Daytona, and Ferrari’s first mid-engined flagship. Those who had witnessed Lamborghini`s stunning Miura had been anxiously awaiting Ferrari`s response, and the Boxer did not disappoint. Featuring a horizontally opposed twelve-cylinder motor longitudinally mounted inline with the transmission, it had a low center of gravity placed near the center of mass. Clothed in suitably rakish bodywork by Pininfarina, the Boxer was a stunner. The 512 BBi represents the ultimate development of the Boxer line and was distinguished from the 512 BB and 365 models that preceded it by the introduction of fuel injection. Today, the Boxer remains a dramatic and exciting car that is masculine without being too demanding to drive.

  The Boxer has twice the power, twice the cylinders yet only a fraction of the Dino build quantity. There is a lot to love about a Boxer: reliable flat 12 pumping out 340 hp churning through a slick 5 speed, cool “knock off” Cromodoras with 4 wheel disc brakes.

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