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2017 Ford GT


2006 Ford GT 40th Anniversary Edition….SOLD!


Tungsten Gray/ Black with Factory Silver Stripe

32k well documented miles

Possible TT project or track car or just a care free driver?

Complete Description:

Pristine Ford GT for Those Not Afraid to Drive

Ford GT, 2006, Tungsten beauty with silver stripes. 100% stock, no hot-rod mods All 4 options: Painted stripes, BBS wheels, McIntosh Sound, red painted calipers.

Clear bra since new on this super-maintained and driven example. Yes, driven. Many GTs are lovingly ‘in the wrapper’, which means virtually every mile depreciates their virginal status. And what good is a 550 hp sculpture? This 32,451 mile GT begs to be driven.

Paint is superb, shiny, virtually unblemished. Small nicks down low on spoiler, a 1/16” nick by gas filler. That’s it. No dings. I hand detailed the car using Griot’s full product assault. Looks like liquid steel now. This car is in immaculate condition.

Black leather interior is gorgeous. A month ago, I removed all seats and trim, treated the leather to a full conditioning (no dye, only delicately cleaned and ‘fed’), polished the carbon fiber,  installed new custom cut mats from Lloyd’s. Plus, I found a quarter, so that was a bonus! There are no rips, cuts, tears, abrasions in the interior. Looks, smells, feels like new.  Glass, door trim, weatherstripping, all are excellent.

Driveability is excellent throughout. Car starts at first push of button, shifts beautifully from cold through every gear, pulls incredibly strong as you’d expect. Engine compartment is detailed and clean. Not one drip. Super docile when you’re cruising around; turns into a scud missile when you decide. Every switch, knob, button, gauge all work as original.

Brakes are the strongest I’ve felt in any car. Recently serviced, they stop straight and true, no drama.

Suspension is highly compliant, yet cornering is on an entirely different level than most performance cars. Tires are excellent, provide great grip. Even the ride quality of the GT is excellent. The Ford GT suspension gurus did their homework. Optional BBs wheels are in gorgeous condition, glossy and beautiful.

History and service receipts from original Certificate of Authenticity to all Ford factory services.  Each service done on time with factory-authorized maintenance.

When I was doing research on this car, I discovered it was driven into a parking curb (via police report, in a parking lot) when it was 4 months old (December of 2006) and received a new wheel. The car was obviously driven many miles since then. I saved all documentation on the car, including inspection services.

Books, tools, accessories are included. Has original manuals, tools, tire inflator, factory GT battery charger, cover bag. It is detailed inside, outside, in the engine compartment. Trunk is super clean, everything it is place.

Summary: This GT is a delight to look at, sit in, own, and most-importantly… drive. The miles won’t stop you, but when you think about it, a ‘normal’ ’06 with these miles would be considered ridiculously low at less than 5k miles a year. Yet this GT looks like a 10k mile car or less.

It is ready to go to a new owner who will hopefully fly in and drive home, just because you can. Sure, you can pay $180k plus for an undriven car that makes you feel guilty to use it; or get this car at significantly less that looks and feels like a museum piece, but begs to be driven.

You can also look like a genius owning a car like this, pretty well-cemented to hold its value, while saving 30grand or more to spend on vacations, invest, twin turbo, or whatever.

Call 417-300-6980 or email


2005 Ford GT……Midnight Blue / White stripes…All FOUR Options! SOLD!!!!

Beautiful Collector Ford GT!

ONLY 2500 Original Miles!

Factory “Ford Racing” Headers and Exhaust (stock exhaust parts available)

Factory “Ford Racing” Power upgrade kit (pulley)

Factory “Ford Racing” Billet Aluminum Coil Covers , Coolant Cap, and Oil Cap

All Ford Items Dealer Installed:

Late vin# 1292

Original MSRP and “Build Book”

Priced at $184,500/offer